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We are tired of language classes that don't work!

We are tired of lessons that teach language that no one uses. We are tired of courses that don't let us study when and how we want.

We are a team of people from all over the world who have experienced the joys of language learning first-hand, and in doing so have also experienced its many challenges. We have drawn on these experiences in building Real Deal English to help other busy adults like ourselves avoid these pitfalls and achieve success in learning new languages, all while having a bit of fun.

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It is not easy to keep up the long-term commitment of learning a language. The least we can do is to make it as convenient and affordable as possible!


Audio Lessons

Start learning with a short lesson from engaging teachers. Listen to the core dialogue and start unpacking the language points and culture insights.

Review Activities

Dig deeper into the key vocabulary, sample sentences and grammar points. Save vocab and review with flascards at your convenience.

Study Group

Stay motivated by sharing questions and insights with a teacher facilitator and other students in a Facebook Messenger study group.

Practice Bot

Practice the new language and get feedback in a low-risk way at any time of the day with our industry-leading engagement bots on Facebook Messenger.

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